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Answering your top questions about artificial turf

When you are in the process of deciding to buy artificial turf for your yard there are undoubtedly questions you have before making a final decision. What are the benefits? Is turf right for me? Where can I use it? By researching all that artificial turf has to offer, you will be able to see why more and more people are choosing turf instead of grass. Here are a few facts about artificial turf to help answer your questions:

  • Premium artificial turf is kid and pet friendly, as well as easy to clean.
  • Turf is virtually maintenance free and can withstand temperatures of 200+ degrees.
  • Artificial turf can be used for lawns, play areas, around pools, and more.
  • Premium turf is perfect for environmentally conscious people, as it saves water and other resources.

Learn more facts about artificial turf and how you can best put it to use in your home by contacting a representative at Turf-N.