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#EnergyWin Tip: Is Your Artificial Turf Theft-Proof?

Did you know that due to its value, artificial grass can be stolen right out of your yard if it’s not installed properly? Not on a HERO Registered Contractor’s watch! Roger from Turf-N America shows you how to make sure your contractor uses enough turf spikes to help prevent this from happening. Now that you know how to protect your green investment, find out howLearn More >

Energy Efficient HERO Home Renovation Video

Lower your utility bills with energy-efficient home upgrades. We’ll install it, the @HERO Program makes it affordable. See what these homeowners had to say about their HERO experience. click on this link: https://youtu.be/m967Erpwh3k, or see below!Learn More >

Four Ways Homeowners Can Save Money

New homeowners quickly learn how expensive home ownership is when costs no one ever told them about start racking up. Replacing the roof, pressure washing siding, watering the lawn, and a variety of other maintenance and repair costs can quickly add up. Homeowners can saveLearn More >

Water-Saving Tips

10 Water-Saving Tips for Gardeners

As drought conditions continue in many parts of the country, water has become a scarce resource. Water rates are increasing, and many communities are enacting watering restrictions to ensure there’s enough water to go around for farmers, industries, and residents alike. Smart gardeners know howLearn More >

Five Easy Tips for Making Yard Work Easy

Fostering and guiding the development of your yard is one of the most rewarding things about home ownership – and one of the most time-consuming. Today’s busy professionals often have little time or energy to invest in creating the yard they really want. If you’dLearn More >

Artificial residential grass

Building Memories with the Perfect Playground

When you look back on your childhood, the playground is one of those memories that stick out. It was a place where a swing became a spaceship, a see-saw became a catapult, and slides were … well, slides. If you have children of your own,Learn More >

Five Secrets to Beautifying Your Outdoor Living Space

Your back yard can provide an oasis from the pressures and stress of your daily grind. There are lots of great options for creating an outdoor living area, including building a deck, using artificial turf to create a year-round green space, or screening in aLearn More >