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10 Water-Saving Tips for Gardeners

Water-Saving Tips

As drought conditions continue in many parts of the country, water has become a scarce resource. Water rates are increasing, and many communities are enacting watering restrictions to ensure there’s enough water to go around for farmers, industries, and residents alike.

Smart gardeners know how to optimize water use by minimizing waste. For gardening enthusiasts who want to avoid wasting water, these tips will help preserve this precious natural resource:

Water potted plants in the morning, and bedded plants in the afternoon.
Use artificial turf. Save your water for your flowers by replacing your lawn with artificial residential turf.
Avoid evening watering. It encourages fungi.
Save your cooking water for use outside.
Install a rain barrel to collect rain for re-use in your garden.
Use compost. It’s great for retaining moisture.
Reuse fish tank water in the garden. It’s rich in phosphorous, which is a key component of fertilizer.
Use pots designed to retain water and reflect heat.
Use mulch to prevent evaporation.
Research your plants. Plant flowers that require less water, and avoid the moisture guzzlers.

With a little planning and effort, you can have a beautiful garden and a manageable water bill. Over time, smart strategies like using artificial turf can save you big money while making your home or the grounds of your business look fantastic.

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