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Building Memories with the Perfect Playground

When you look back on your childhood, the playground is one of those memories that stick out. It was a place where a swing became a spaceship, a see-saw became a catapult, and slides were … well, slides.

If you have children of your own, you’d like for them to have the same fun you had on the playground, minus a few of the scrapes and bruises you picked up along the way. For parents looking to build a safe and fun playground, consider these tips:

  • Use turfArtificial residential grass provides a natural-looking and feeling alternative to grass. Premium artificial turf is more resilient than grass, providing a durable, attractive and safe surface where children can play. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf requires no watering or mowing, making it a great choice for a playground.
  • Safety first – Be on the lookout for protruding bolt ends or hooks. Also make sure that there is plenty of room between guardrails, ladder rungs, and other openings to prevent children from getting stuck.
  • Consider your audience – Younger children will need easier playground equipment, while older children will quickly bore of “kiddie gear.” If you’re building a playground for older children, add more challenging components, like balance beams or a tire swing.
  • Use the right wood – Make sure your wood hasn’t been treated with hazardous chemicals. Aim for using fresh, pressure-treated lumber that’s kid-friendly and splinter free.

Turf-N The World provides high quality artificial commercial and residential grass for a variety of clients. Turf-N’s artificial grass products use the latest technology, providing safe, natural-looking and feeling lawns for clients. A proudly patriotic firm, all Turf-N products are made in the U.S. For more information, call 1-855-887-3648.

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