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Five Easy Tips for Making Yard Work Easy

Fostering and guiding the development of your yard is one of the most rewarding things about home ownership and one of the most time-consuming. Today’s busy professionals often have little time or energy to invest in creating the yard they really want.

If you’d like to have the type of yard that’s featured in magazines, but don’t have the sweat equity to invest or the money to hire a gardener, consider these tips for reducing yard work without negatively impacting the appearance of your yard:

  • Artificial residential grass Natural-looking and with practically zero maintenance, artificial turf can eliminate some of the most time-consuming tasks associated with yard work. Once your artificial turf is installed, you’ll never have to mow or deal with fungi and other problems that can leave bald spots in your yard. You’ll also save big on lawn mower and watering related costs.
  • Use native plants Don’t try to fight nature; adapt to it. Use plants that are native to your area in your garden. They’re likely to be much less work than plants that require extra water, fertilizer, and care to survive in your climate.
  • Reduce your yard’s size By allowing trees and natural flora to take over areas of your yard, you reduce the area you must care for and provide enhanced privacy for your outdoor living area.
  • Scope it out When purchasing shrubs and trees, find out how large they will grow and what maintenance will be required. Avoid purchasing plants that grow too tall or which require excessive pruning.
  • Get rid of problem plants Find the high maintenance plants and shrubs in your yard, and replace them with lower maintenance plants, statuary, or other decorative features.

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