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Four Ways Homeowners Can Save Money

New homeowners quickly learn how expensive home ownership is when costs no one ever told them about start racking up. Replacing the roof, pressure washing siding, watering the lawn, and a variety of other maintenance and repair costs can quickly add up. Homeowners can save money by acting proactively, addressing maintenance concerns ahead of time, and eliminating unnecessary costs with innovations such as artificial residential grass.

If you’re a new homeowner and want to save money on upkeep, consider these tips:

  • Get a metal roof If you need to replace your roof, the smart move is to get a metal roof. Metal roofs last longer and typically have fewer problems than traditional roofs. If you replace your old shingle roof with a metal roof, chances are you’ll never have to replace it again.
  • Replace your grass with turf Artificial turf looks and feels like natural grass but doesn’t require watering or mowing. Artificial turf can last for decades, and the money you save on watering, fertilizing, mowing, and other upkeep makes it a worthwhile investment.
  • Automate your thermostat Invest in a NEST thermostat. These thermostats let you program your thermostat to vary temperature during the day. You can also control the device from your smart phone. Greater control over your thermostat will lead to energy savings.
  • Caulking and insulation Have a professional check the caulking and insulation in your home and make repairs as needed. You can save quite a bit on energy costs by ensuring your windows and doors aren’t drafty, and that your home is properly insulated.

Turf N provides high quality artificial commercial and residential grass for a variety of clients. Turf N’s artificial grass products use the latest technology, providing safe, natural-looking and natural-feeling lawns for clients. A proudly patriotic firm, all Turf N products are made in the U.S. For more information, call 1-855-887-3648.

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