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Three Tips to Feng Shui Your Garden

Embracing the principles of feng shui can help make your garden more inviting and pleasing to the eye. Feng Shui’s focus on harmony helps homeowners use rocks, trees, fountains, artificial residential grass, and other outdoor design accessories to create delightful spaces for rest and introspection. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that emphasizes harmonizing environments. In Feng Shui, great attention is paid to howLearn More >


Create Your Own Mini-Golf Course with Artificial Turf

Mini-golf enthusiasts don’t have to make the trip to their local amusement park to pursue their passion for precision putting. With a little design work and some high-quality artificial residential grass, homeowners can design and build their own mini-Augusta in their own back yards. ArtificialLearn More >


Four Great Green Home Renovations

Tackling the problems of climate change, resource scarcity and pollution requires everyone doing his or her part. You can get involved by making your home more eco-friendly with tweaks and upgrades, like new windows or artificial residential grass. Many homes have outdated, inefficient systems andLearn More >


Eight Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal

After long years of malaise, the housing market is on the rebound, with property values increasing. If you’re looking to boost the value of your home in anticipation of a sale, upping the property’s curb appeal with new landscaping, artificial turf, or other methods isLearn More >

Artificial residential turf

8 Water Conservation Tips for Homeowners

As droughts and growing demand make water more scarce in many parts of the country, homeowners can do their communities a favor and save money on their water bills by conserving water. Artificial residential turf and a variety of other technological and common sense approachesLearn More >


California HERO Program Covers Artificial Turf Installation

California’s HERO program gets a lot of press for helping make energy saving renovations like installing solar panels or efficient HVAC systems more affordable, but the program can also help property owners save big on water-saving additions like new artificial residential grass. More than 40Learn More >


Artificial Grass Offers Landscaping Opportunities

Artificial turf provides just as many landscape opportunities as traditional grass; maybe even more. With a little creativity and experimentation, artificial residential grass can be great material for a landscaping project. Artificial turf has made many strides in recent years as manufacturers have devised manyLearn More >