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California HERO Program Covers Artificial Turf Installation

California's HERO program gets a lot of press for helping make energy saving renovations like installing solar panels or efficient HVAC systems more affordable, but the program can also help property owners save big on water-saving additions like new artificial residential grass. More than 40 municipal governments throughout the state have signed on to the HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy Program. This program allows propertyLearn More >

Artificial Grass Offers Landscaping Opportunities

Artificial turf provides just as many landscape opportunities as traditional grass; maybe even more. With a little creativity and experimentation, artificial residential grass can be great material for a landscaping project. Artificial turf has made many strides in recent years as manufacturers have devised manyLearn More >

Majority of NFL Stadiums Use Artificial Turf

A majority of NFL stadiums now use artificial turf, a big vote of confidence in commercial artificial grass. If it's good enough for millionaire athletes, chances are that it's also good enough for your home or business lawn. Sixteen of the 31 NFL stadiums useLearn More >

Get in the Know About Artificial Turf Infill

Infill is a critical component of residential and commercial artificial grass, providing stability and resiliency for the artificial grass blades. Consider infill the soil for your artificial turf, helping to hold it together and providing impact absorption. There are several varieties of artificial turf infill,Learn More >

Premium Artificial Turf vs. Real Grass

Artificial turf vs. real grass it's the debate every homeowner who wants their lawn to look as good as possible has had with themselves. While both have their benefits, the simple fact is that residential artificial grass is almost always the better option, whether you'reLearn More >

Artificial Turf Growing Strong among Consumers

Artificial turf has sunk strong roots into the consumer market as more and more people realize the benefits of commercial and residential artificial grass. Today's modern artificial grass is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Unlike older variants of artificial turf, it's very difficult forLearn More >

Turf-N Artificial Grass Avoids Heat Problem Associated with Turf

Many high schools and athletic facilities would like to use artificial turf for their fields, but concerns about excess heat on artificial fields may be preventing them from making the switch. Turf-N's Kool fiber technology helps address this problem, providing safe commercial artificial grass forLearn More >