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Artificial Turf & Your Pets

Homeowners love modern artificial residential turf, as it provides a low-maintenance, attractive alternative to natural grass. Some homeowners with pets may have concerns about artificial grass safety for pets and whether it can handle scratching, gnawing, digging, and other abuse pets may subject it to. Modern artificial turf is highly safe for pets, and it does not have the troubling lead levels that previous generationsLearn More >

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How to Prevent Insects from Damaging Your Turf

While not the most common cause of turf damage, insects can cause harm to grass lawns if left unchecked. Depending on the type of bug, insects can feed on grass blades, suck sap from the leaves, or even attach themselves to the lawn's root system,Learn More >

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Artificial Turf Provides Safe Alternative to Grass

Artificial residential turf and commercial turf provide property owners with a lower-maintenance means of keeping their property looking great year-round, but some people may have concerns about whether artificial grass is healthy. Years of research proves that these concerns are unfounded and that artificial grassLearn More >

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Turf Tips: Proper Installation Nixes Heat Problems

In parts of the country where multi-year droughts have stretched water supplies to their limit, artificial turf is helping to keep property beautiful and provide playing fields for athletic events while conserving this precious natural resource. However, some owners of commercial or residential artificial grassLearn More >

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Installation Is Everything for Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf provides property owners with an attractive lawn cover that can last for decades and which takes minimal maintenance effort. Improper installation can mar the beauty of commercial or residential artificial grass and shave years off its longevity. Professional installation of artificial turf ensuresLearn More >

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Turf Tips: What Makes Good Turf

More and more homeowners are turning to artificial turf to beautify their property, thanks to its durability and convenience. As water shortages become more pressing in the years ahead, this trend is only likely to grow. Choosing the right artificial commercial grass or artificial residentialLearn More >

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How You Can Save Money with Artificial Turf in California

People are on the go more, today, which leaves little time to take care of landscaping and yard maintenance at home. Not to mention, there are periods of drought in California which make it impossible to water your lawn and keep it nice and green.Learn More >