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Deluxe installation process*

We offer one of the most thorough installations in the industry. Unlike our competitors we do not use road base, which can clog in as little as a year and cause flooding. We use up to three inches of crushed stone to provide an adequate drainage base, which allows us to provide a 20-year warranty.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality install and products in the industry. Our professional licensed installers have been trained for quality, not speed, and our support team is always here to answer your questions for years to come.

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Site survey

We start by surveying the installation site for any problem areas. We cap off all sprinkler systems and remove any plant life that you may wish to save.

Optional: Herbicide may be applied if deemed necessary.


Removing current grass

Next, we remove and dispose of roughly two inches of the current grass and topsoil to begin the creation of the drain base. Doing this prevents plant life and uneven surfaces under the turf.


Removing additional topsoil

Next, we remove roughly another two inches of topsoil. This gives us the space necessary to create a drain base that will prevent flooding. It will also extend the life of your turf by providing a more stable and permanent installation surface.

We may install gopher wire if necessary.

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Weed fabric & crushed rock

Next, we lay out weed fabric over the prepared soil. This will prevent any leftover seeds from germinating. We then lay approximately three inches of crushed stone. This is the most important component of the installation.


Compacting crushed rock

We then compact the crushed rock to prevent movement. A surface grade will also be created at this point to promote better drainage.


Spreading decomposed granite

To allow a more even, softer surface with unparalleled drainage we then spread roughly an inch of decomposed granite over the crushed rock.


Compacting Decomposed Granite

After spreading the granite we then use a compacting vibrator to compact everything together. This helps the surface keep its shape and prevents movement over time.


Bonding Seams

When the decomposed granite is compacted, we lay out the turf and permanently bond any seams using our unique seam pattern, seam tape, and Cowabonda™ Turf Glue.


Trimming Edges & Spiking

We then roughly cut out the edges to give us a shape to work with. We then spike the turf down using double galvanized 7″ Turfer Spikes™ every four to six inches (around borders) and every square foot throughout the surface.


Powerbrooming Turfalizer™ Infill

To protect the backing, hold the grass fibers up, and provide a clean healthy surface, we broom in our Turfalizer™ product. It’s anti-microbial properties kill various types of bacteria in 24 hours or less! This also improves aesthetic value and gives the grass a more realistic texture.


Cleaning Up & Project Completion

As we clean up, we make sure to dispose of any cut pieces of product or loose fibers, we then wash down the turf and make sure the installation quality is up to par. As installed the turf is expected to last 30+ years, and we warranty it for 20.

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