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Artificial Grass and Pets

Your Canine Companions

Muddy tracks across the carpet and dirty tennis balls dropped in your lap (or worse, in your bed) become a thing of the past with artificial grass. There are so many reasons to replace your lawn with synthetic turf.

Here are some benefits of artificial grass:

  • It’s dig-proof. No more holes in your backyard or items buried, never to be found again.
  • It’s clean. Urine and other fluids drain through the material and into the ground, and hard waste can easily be picked up. The turf can be sprayed down with a hose for easy cleaning.
  • It’s low maintenance. No trimming, fertilizing, or other time-consuming or tiring lawn care chores.
  • It never dies. No more dead spots of grass where your canine companion does his ‘business.’
  • It’s non-toxic. No worrying about pesticide or herbicide exposures. Artificial turf is safe for pets, and with the application of our Turfalizer infill, 99% of bacteria are eliminated within 24 hours.
  • It’s a flea-deterrent. Unlike traditional sod, which makes a great home for fleas and ticks, artificial grass is not hospitable to those nasty little parasites. That’s a good thing for your dog and for your family.
  • It saves water. The water savings over the long term is great for your wallet and great for the environment, especially in the drought-stricken West.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

It’s reasonable to question whether artificial grass is safe for your companion animals, especially dogs and cats that may spend a lot of time in the yard. Many of the safety concerns about artificial turf stem from studies that found potentially hazardous levels of lead in some early varieties of manufactured grass.

The good news is that today many synthetic turf producers, including Turf-N, ensure that their artificial grass products contain no detectable traces of lead. You can rest assured that your pets and kids are safe on our synthetic turf. In fact, we’ve taken safety a step further with our Turfalizer product, which kills up to 99% of bacteria and is included in all our installations.

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