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Premium Artificial Playground Turf

Exercise is an important part of a child’s life, especially when it comes to development and health. The harsh reality is that in today’s world children are not out and about nearly as often as in the past. Part of this has to do with more and more houses and businesses being built and fewer resources being dedicated to parks and playground equipment. As a result, childhood obesity levels are increasing as children exercise less often. In order to provide more opportunities and economical options for children to play, schools and communities are replacing concrete and poured-in-place rubber with artificial turf in playgrounds.


A Better Alternative to Natural Grass

Artificial playground turf helps brighten up schools and playgrounds and encourages parents to take their children out to play each day. Not only does it refresh brown, patchy grass areas at schools and parks, it can also be used in place of old, worn-out rubber that was used to cushion falls around playground equipment. Synthetic grass allows communities to reclaim previously unusable spaces and turn them into activity areas for children as well. In addition, these setups are accessible for all children and give them the chance to stay active all year.

Turf-N artificial turf is perfect for playground applications as an alternative to grass. Not only does artificial grass keep its composure during the colder months, our Really Real turf products contain Kool Fiber technology, which helps keep the turf cool on hot summer days. This provides relief for parents that may be worried about equipment heating up and reflecting onto their children. At the same time artificial grass stands up under pressure, making it the smart choice for high-traffic areas that would otherwise destroy grass. Since a turf lawn does not need nearly the same amount of maintenance and upkeep as a traditional lawn, schools and communities are also able to save a significant amount on water and landscaping costs.


Premium Artificial Turf Puts Safety First

Unlike artificial turf from other turf providers, our products are safe for children to play on. Other companies may rush to get the job done and use inferior infill in order to keep their cost down, but we go the extra step to ensure that our turf lawns don’t cut any corners. Our Turfalizer infill is a revolution in the industry. It is the only product that not only kills up to 99% of current bacteria in around 24 hours, but also inhibits the growth of new bacteria. This makes any playground installation instantly safer for kids, especially those with allergies, so that adults don’t have to worry when they roll around and have fun.

Our synthetic turf is built to last and will deliver years of strong, durable use that will handle anything kids throw its way. Kids love to run and play sports on turf because it provides a cushion for falls, unlike concrete, asphalt, and rubber grounds that have hardened over time. Give us a call today at (855) TURFN-IT to learn more about playground turf and how it can revitalize your play area.


We are IPEMA Certified.