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Do you warranty the GRASS?

Yes, we have a 20-year limited warranty on the grass which is the longest warranty in the industry and the turf has a life expectancy of around 30 years. We have a 20-year warranty because our backing is the strongest in the industry and we make sure our installation is top notch. A strong backing and a good installation are the two keys to long lasting turf.

How much does the grass cost?

Each job is priced out differently based on the amount of ground preparation needed, accessibility to the area, size of the project, the type of grass you select, etc. We must be able to view your site in order to give you an accurate price. Please give us a call and we would be happy to provide a free consultation.

How is the grass maintained?

There is very little maintenance. You can use a blower or rake for any pine needles or leaves and do a periodic rinsing with your hose. If you get any pine sap on the grass, WD-40 will take care of it. We also offer a yearly maintenance program which includes brooming of the turf, as well as additional infill if needed.

How is the grass installed?

We’ll remove 4 inches of dirt and sod. Then we’ll bring in 3 inches of 3/4 minus crushed clean gravel and 1 inch of 1/4 minus with fines and smooth it out and thoroughly compact it. Depending on the type of grass, we may place a weed barrier down. We’ll then install the grass and nail it down with 7-inch electro-galvanized spikes. Using a fertilizer spreader, we’ll spread a green sand infill on top of the grass to hold down the turf and make the blades stand up. We do not use a rubber infill as we’ve done testing using a heat gun that proves that a rubber infill makes the grass about 80 degrees hotter to the touch. Lastly, we’ll power broom the grass as a final touch.

Is there any danger of the grass catching fire?

No, the grass is fire-resistant.

Does the grass attract insects?

Bugs will not remain on the grass as it has no nutritional value to them.

How tough is your turf?

Our 20-year warranty speaks to that question. Also, check out our “How Tough Is Our Turf” video on the products page and you can see for yourself.

How long does it take for the grass to be delivered?

Delivery usually takes about 7-10 business days.

What happens if it rains?

The grass backing is perforated so water drains into the 4-inch base of gravel below it.

How do I choose the right grass for my needs?

Give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your particular needs and recommend a product that will suit you.

What if you have animals?

Our grass is designed to be pet friendly. Animal waste can be scooped up and discarded and the urine will drain to the ground below. All you have to do is hose the grass down. The fibers are sealed to keep them from absorbing odors. Also, both the Really Real Blue Rye and the Kool Keeper grass products have a built in cool technology that will keep the grass 10-15 degrees cooler to the touch.

Will the grass fade over time?

Our grass is guaranteed not to fade for 10 years and after that the fading is minimal. The fibers are coated with a UV protection.