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Full-Service Landscaping from TURF-N

In addition to being an industry leader in artificial turf installation for residential and commercial clients, TURF-N is also a full-service landscaping business. Not only does TURF-N provide economically and environmentally-friendly turf replacements for grass lawns, we also deliver solutions that will rejuvenate your entire yard. With harsh weather and dry conditions hitting the country it is important to conserve natural resources, but that doesn t mean you can t have the yard of your dreams. If you are looking for a low-water landscaping solution, TURF-N is the answer!

Here are just some of the landscaping services we offer. If what you need is not listed below, feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.

Decorative Concrete & Paver Stones

You don t have to have boring gray concrete in your driveway, front yard, or backyard. Installing decorative concrete and paver stones allows you to enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. In addition to remodeling your yard with artificial turf, surrounding it with decorative concrete and paver stones will transform it into a more attractive space.

TURF-N will help you get a high-quality concrete solution for your home. Whether you want new paver stones for the path to your front door or decorative concrete to place around your pool in the backyard, you will find everything you need at TURF-N.

Colored Rock & Dry Riverbeds

Add a new feature to your yard with a dry riverbed. Stretching from one side of your yard to the other, TURF-N will lay down rocks of varying sizes and colors to create the dry bed. This solution helps you better control the flow of rainwater across your yard so you can avoid pooling and improve irrigation.

In addition, installing a dry riverbed allows you to add a visual element to your yard that also has functional value.

Retaining Walls & Masonry

TURF-N s landscaping services can also help you build or repair retaining walls and other masonry. Over time your walls may suffer damage and it is important to make sure they are properly repaired in order to maintain structural integrity. Smaller retaining walls are also perfect for segmenting areas of your yard. For example, building a short wall around your artificial turf putting green allows you to enhance its appearance and keep errant golf balls from rolling around the yard.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

If your sprinklers are malfunctioning or if your drainage system isn t working properly you could be wasting water and money and causing damage to your home. Let TURF-N examine your sprinklers and irrigation and help you get them running efficiently. Our landscaping professionals will assess your needs and deliver the solution that works best for you.

With TURF-N synthetic grass installed in your yard, we can also assist with your maintenance needs to ensure the quality of your lawn moving forward.

And More!

No matter what landscaping needs you have for your yard TURF-N has the solution. Contact us to discuss your situation today!